Our vendor partners are amazing!

Our agents and Market Center’s are always looking to partner with companies who can provide services to empower our agents with tools, resources, and leverage. As the Regional Leadership team for the Ohio Valley Region, we help our Market Centers and agents achieve that through education, connection, and opportunity. We have a defined vision for growing the Ohio Valley Region and our ability to offer high-level training and events continues to increase thanks to strong vendor partnerships. Let’s grow together!

HomeTeam Inspection Service

A Dream Team for Your Dream Home HomeTeam Inspection Service is proud to provide fast, trustworthy, and accurate team inspections across North America. We understand that, for many homeowners and real estate professionals, a home inspector is the alarm system that rains on the parade of them finding the perfect home. However, with HomeTeam, you can expect something quite different. Our goal is to ensure your confidence so you can enjoy your newly acquired home without running into any surprises.​
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Keller Mortgage

Every day, we aim to be the home lender choice of real estate agents and their clients. The visionary behind our company is Gary Keller, the entrepreneur who founded Keller Williams. Our relationship with Keller Williams We’re both part of kwx – an integrated home experience company that seamlessly unites all the steps in the homeownership journey. This partnership gives you an incredible opportunity: a captive audience of 180,000 real estate agents. No other mortgage company can offer that. But you’re free to work with any other real estate companies you’d like to do business with.
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Cyberbacker is the leading provider of world-class administrative support and virtual assistant services from anywhere in the world to anyone in the world. Time is the most valuable thing that we all have. Leverage out the tasks that aren’t revenue-producing. It’s said that business success comes from the 3 L’s. Leads, Listings, and Leverage. Partnering with Cyberbacker is your Leverage. Imagine closing a deal without a single inquiry unattended. Partner with us and say goodbye to unnecessary overhead costs. With Cyberbacker, you reap the benefits of a highly trained remote partner for a small amount of investment.
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America’s Preferred Home Warranty

Home appliance and system breakdowns are bound to happen – and repairs can cost you. A home warranty helps protect your appliances and systems from unexpected breakdowns due to normal wear and tear. A home warranty is different from homeowners' insurance. Insurance only covers damages from specific events like fire, hail, or theft. If something breaks down, insurance leaves you on your own. When you have an America’s Preferred Home Warranty, you can choose any licensed contractor for repairs, which allows you to use a contractor you know and trust. With us you'll receive faster service, claims, and payments.
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Keller Williams is an Education, Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Technology Company for our agents. To continuously provide outstanding opportunities for our agents, we need partners like YOU!

The vendor partnership provides continued exposure and relationship building opportunities with agents in the KW Ohio Valley Region. We aim to provide an opportunity for you to build your business alongside our agents.

The Keller Williams Ohio Valley Region is made up of 27 market centers across Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky with nearly 5,000 agents!

If you’d like to inquire with us about becoming a vendor partner, send a message!